Using skewers to add interesting elements to flower arrangements

While some people might think of flower arrangements as nothing more than flowers and foliage grouped together in a vase or similar container, others know that there’s so much more to it. Other elements can be added to an otherwise average bouquet to make it really stand out. These extras will add colour, shape, and texture while also creating a fun theme.


When you think of adding things like mini pumpkins or pine cones to your arrangement, you might wonder just how to include them other than arranging them around the base of the vase. This is where skewers and floral wire come in handy. Mini pumpkins can be skewered and then placed in the vase along with your flowers. You will need a strong, long skewer of course. Skewer the centre of the pumpkin but don’t pierce it all the way through. You will need a long enough “stem” so that the pumpkin does not end up inside the vase.


If you’re using pine cones, you will need to secure some floral wire to the base of the pine cone. Then attach the wire to the skewer and add the pine cone to the arrangement.


You can even make some truly original fresh produce bouquets by placing floral foam in a suitable bowl and using large spinach leaves as foliage with artichokes, pomegranates, and similar items to add colour like flowers do. The heavier elements of this arrangement (like the pomegranates and artichokes) should be skewered so that they are held firmly in place. For Christmas, you can use sprigs of pine, dried pine cones, fresh green and red apples, and maybe some colourful Christmas globes too.


The items that you skewer and add to a bunch of flowers will help add colour while determining its theme. This is why it is so important to consider the season and any annual events that could take place while your arrangement is on display.