Flowers and Fragrance

In life when we are presented with a bouquet or pass flowers outdoors we automatically smell them for their fragrances. We will hold the blooms to our noses or bend down to smell them and we do this without conscious thought. Also a smell of a flower might bring back a happy memory from your life. Just as much as the form and colour of the flower resonates with us, so does their fragrance.

Flowers have their own personalities through the forms and colours and they also give off a personality with their fragrance. For example the gardenias might be romantic, lavender might be relaxing and the lily of the valley is innocent. However each flower fragrance will affect each of us differently and can affect our attitude in the process. In Victorian times flowers were introduced to balance the unpleasant odours given off by lack of personal hygiene. Combining individual blooms in one big bouquet can convey the message of love, beauty, healing or friendship.

Recent research shows flowers improve our moods and makes us happy. By placing flowers in our homes can have a positive effect on our moods and the way we behave. Some of the most fragrant flowers can add to this experience. Their sweet scents can wake up our sensibilities.

Experiencing a glorious fragrance of mixed floral scents creates a cocoon of peace and well-being similar to a stroll in a cottage garden. Even the smell of a single bloom can stir our senses and make us happy.