Anonymous flower delivery tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and, if you have your eye on somebody but you’ve not yet gathered the courage to ask them out, now is your chance. An anonymous flower delivery is the perfect way of letting that special person know that you are interested without putting it all on the line. If you have never sent an anonymous gift, here are some tips.

Why send an anonymous flower bouquet?

Apart from the fact that an anonymous delivery will allow you to send a gift without letting the recipient know who they are from, there are also other advantages. For example, you can determine whether or not the recipient is interested in a relationship of any sort by the way they react to the delivery. If you work together, you can keep an eye on their work station and take note of how they act when the blooms are delivered. You could also include a cryptic message in the card attached. In the message, you could have them meet you at a specific location at a specific time if they want to find out who sent such a beautiful gift.

What type of flowers should you send?

A bouquet of red roses is the number one choice for Valentine’s Day. However, if you are not yet in a relationship, these blooms may come across as a little overwhelming. So, when choosing an anonymous flower bouquet, you should consider alternatives such as pink roses or even a mixed pink arrangement. While the colour pink will still express your romantic intentions, it will not prove quite as bold a statement.

How to send flowers anonymously

This part is the easiest of all! When shopping for your flowers, you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home. You can even shop during your lunch break at work. Online flower shopping is quick, easy and affordable. Simply visit the website of your favourite florist and take a look around. The Valentine’s Day section makes it easy to find something to suit your preferences and budget. When you are ready, place your order. In the card attached, you can include a message in your own words. By omitting your name in the card, the recipient will have no idea who they are from! If you are at all concerned that they will somehow find out, you can send a message to your florist specifying that this is an anonymous flower delivery and that your name must not be revealed.

As with all fresh flower gifts, you can also ask your florist to add something to your order. Some of the most popular extras include luxury chocolates, sparkling wine, balloons and cuddly bears. There are even gift bundles available that include fresh blooms along with one or more of these extras at an affordable price. The key is to do your shopping as early as possible so that you have time to browse and compare products before placing your anonymous flower order.