Give a white bouquet that winter twist

Winter is a wonderful time to make the most of beautiful white flowers. White blooms remind many people of fresh snow. It’s those perfect, pure white petals that make them simple yet elegant and sophisticated. If you want to underline the winter theme when using white flowers, here are some ideas.

Winter foliage and picks

If you add some winter foliage or things like holly berries to the arrangement, it will add colour and underline the winter theme. Against the white flowers, the greenery and bright red berries will create an amazing contrast. You can also use sticks to add small festive ornaments to the display.

Decorate the vase

Your vase can also help you give your arrangement an unmistakable winter theme. If you use old glass bottles, you can apply white spray paint along with some Epsom salts. It will give your vase that snow white colour while the salts give it the texture. Another great idea is to use glitter if you want some sparkle. Or you could even use candy canes to decorate the exterior of a glass or vase. There are so many wonderful ways to spruce up vases. All you need is a bit of creativity.

Faux snow

Faux snow comes in a variety of sizes and made from various materials. You can scatter some faux snow on top of your table around the arrangement if you like. Alternatively, you can place a vase inside another larger vase and fill the space in between with faux snow. You could even sprinkle some faux snow over your bouquet if you prefer.

Winter has plenty of beauty to offer and, while the weather is not all that pleasant, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore new and interesting flower crafts.