Uses for a damaged vase

It can be so disappointing when you have a lovely vase that ends up damaged. As beautiful or sentimental as it is, you might not be able to use it in the same way you did before. However, before you toss it out, think about these great ways of putting it to use around your home!

Silk flowers

If your vase no longer holds water, you can still use it to display artificial flowers. In fact, when you show off silk flowers in your home, you get to enjoy them for that much longer! Remember, quality silk flowers last a long time and you could even invest in a few bunches to suit each season. When not in use, store your silk flowers properly so that they look as good as new the next time they are on display

Decorative display piece

Instead of using your vase to show off some pretty flowers, you can use it to make a beautiful sand display instead. Think about filling your vase with anything you love like beads, precious stones, or whatever you think will suit the d├ęcor in your home. You can change the vase fillers based on the season if you like. For example, in winter, you might like to add pine cones, some dried red berries, and perhaps a sprinkle of dried coconut to resemble snow. During summer, you may prefer something with a brighter appearance to capture the vibrant nature of this time of year.

Cover up chips

A chipped vase might still be able to hold flowers provided you set the chipped side at the back where nobody will notice. Alternatively, if you don’t mind changing the appearance of the vase, you can cover up any flaws with decoupage. In fact, a decoupage vase can be quite personal if you select special photos of your loved ones. Your favourite vase could have yet another quality that makes you love it even more!

Even if you cannot think of the best way to continue using a damaged vase, the best thing to do is set it aside for now. Don’t throw it away or you might end up coming up with a great idea just days later!