Mother’s Day Flowers 2013: Gearing Up For The Big Day

Here at prestige flowers we are always looking and planning for the future. With the industries 3 big events all falling within 3 months of each other it is the most fun time of the year to be involved in the cut flower industry.

The events of course are Christmas, Valentines Day & Mother’s Day. Last year on Mother’s Day we shipped over 20000 bouquets for next day delivery to every corner of the united kingdom, from Ireland, to Scotland to Cornwall to the Shetlands, we had an order from just about every locale in the UK and almost every country on earth.

We are already planning for Mother’s Day 2013 and visiting suppliers all around the world from Kenya to Holland to ensure our customers get the very best quality flowers delivered at these important events.

For an idea of the scope of the operation that an online florist such as prestige flowers operates check out the image of a Holland flower market below. Visiting such flower markets is a highlight of working with flowers, the buzz, excitement and aroma of thousands upon thousands of flowers in one place is truly one of those special things in life.

During the busy peaks such as Mother’s Day, the suppliers in Holland can sell up to 100 million flowers in a single day! A staggering figure which cements that occasions in which flowers are sent are even more popular in the modern day. The fact you can order flowers on your phone or ipad takes away the stigma that it is difficult to order something online and with more and more people using the internet as an everyday place to socialise, share and buy it is a very exciting time for everyone at prestige flowers.

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