Festive wreath designs for Christmas

Apart from your Christmas tree, there are so many other wonderful ways in which you can decorate your home. A festive wreath is one such design. Wreaths can come in different sizes. They can also be used to decorate walls, doors or even tables. If you want to create a truly unique, here are some fun wreath design ideas.

Candy canes

Candy canes are a popular addition to Christmas trees so why not add them to your festive wreath too? Better yet, why not make an entire wreath out of candy canes? All you need is a wire base and some thin wire to secure them in place. Face your candy canes in alternating directions to cover the enter base.

Peppermint twist

Similar to a festive wreath made from candy canes, you can create something along the same lines with peppermint candies. You can secure them in place with the use of a hot glue gun.


Popcorn is not just for stringing on your Christmas tree. You can make a really fun festive wreath by wrapping a wreath base with strings of popcorn. You can also use some hot glue to secure everything in place. Don’t forget to finish off with a red ribbon to add some colour contrast.

Nut selection

Nuts and acorns also make a lovely wreath. Like many other festive wreath designs, you can use hot glue to secure various nuts randomly to your wreath base. Make sure that you don’t bundle any together though.


Fresh fruit can look really great but it can be heavy for a wreath to support. Of course, you could always slice citrus fruit like oranges, lemons and limes and attach these slices to your wreath. Not only will they look lovely whether fresh or dry, but they will give the room a fresh scent too.

These are just a few fantastic ideas that you can use to create your own fun and unique festive wreath this year. You could even create more than one if you wish to decorate various parts of your home.