Different Calendula uses

Calendula is also known as a pot marigold and it has been proven to have a number of uses over the years. While your local and online florist usually stock other daisy relatives, calendula is more common as a potted plant. Pot marigolds are quite popular colourful additions to homes and gardens and many people choose to plant them in order to protect some of their other plants from nematodes. Nematodes are actually small organisms like pinworms. While marigolds repel them, they also attract lady bugs, which is good news since they eat harmful bugs like aphids.


This flower’s leaves and petals are useful in a variety of ways. This plant can be used both internally and externally depending on the problem you’re trying to remedy. If you drink the tea made from the leaves and petals, you can help ease indigestion, stomach cramps as well as cold and flu symptoms, fever and promote an increase in urination and sweating. This helps your body to rid itself of a whole host of toxins.


An ointment is produced from the leaves and petals and can be used externally to ease a number of ailments.  It is used to soothe rashes, burns, blisters, abrasions, chicken pox and even conditions like athlete’s foot. This lotion is so mild that it can even be used on babies suffering from diaper rash. If you grow them in your garden and you happen to be stung by a bee, you can pick one of these flowers and rub it on the affected area. After removing the sting of course!


A powdered variety can be used to treat many of the problems mentioned above. It is made from drying out the petals and then grinding them up and mixing it with talc. If you don’t have talc, you can use cornstarch instead. In some cases, the powder made from the dried petals is not blended with anything but rather placed inside capsules. They are great to keep on hand if you don’t have any fresh flowers nearby. You can keep them in your bag wherever you go just in case of an emergency.


Plant extracts are also used in a variety of beauty products like soaps and lotions. If you have brown or blonde hair, you can make some tea with the flowers (unsweetened of course) and apply as a hair rinse. This helps bring out the natural highlights in your hair. If you add the flowers to your bath, you will enjoy the refreshing effects. Simply place some flowers inside a piece of cheesecloth and tie it to your bath tap. All the hot water will pass over the flowers and extract its beneficial properties.


So, if you don’t already have your own calendula plant at home, then you might want to start looking around for these flowers online or at your local nursery. Apart from the many uses, these flowers are also pleasing to the eye and you’ll love the way they bring colour to any environment.