Christmas flower and plant crafts

When the holidays approach, it places even more emphasis on spending quality time with your loved ones. Our daily, weekly, and monthly obligations often mean that we don’t spend nearly as much time with our family as we would like. All the more reason to take some time out this holiday season and enjoy some fun floral craft together. While creating these gorgeous crafts, you will also be adding to the décor of your home!

In addition, if the weather is particularly unfavourable outside, you’ll have something other than a TV or computer screen to keep everyone occupied. It can be easy for people to let their responsibilities take over and treat the TV like a babysitter. You can even ask your children to invite their friends and let them take their creations home to show their families!

When you receive guests during the festive season, the first thing they will notice is your front door. If it’s beautifully decorated, you can be sure that they will feel that much more welcome. Wreaths are the most popular way of decorating doors as well as swags. You could buy one from your florist, or you could make your own. When making a festive wreath, you need to choose a colour scheme. Once you have done so, you can then choose the items you want to decorate the wreath. For example, if you want a natural look, you can use a green base that resembles your Christmas tree, and decorate it with various red items like apples, berries, and ribbons. You can also add bundles of cinnamon sticks and some pine cones to emphasize the natural element. You could even add poinsettias if you like. Remember, you can use fresh products or artificial ones. The latter will obviously last longer and these kinds of wreaths can be used for several years.

If you are planning on hosting Christmas dinner and you have invited several friends and family members, then you should start planning your table décor. Part of any festive meal is the way the table is decorated. If you don’t add some festive colours and decorations, it might just feel like any other elegant dinner. A Christmas bouquet can be placed in the middle of the table and you can choose a design that suits the size and shape of your table. These bouquets are readily available from your florist so there’s no real need to make it yourself. That said, you can add to the festive feel by making your own Christmas napkin rings. You can make them by recovering old napkin rings with festive wrapping paper or you can even cut up some old kitchen towel cardboard rolls and covering or painting them. Decorate with holly or poinsettias for the perfect finishing touch. Gerbera daisies are also lovely for sprucing up your napkin rings. If you are decorating in advance, you might want to opt for artificial flowers. If you want to use something like holly, you should also avoid fresh holly because of its toxic properties.

Another great craft is making flowers from various materials and adding them to your Christmas tree. You can make flowers from various types of paper and fabric. There are a number of basic and more intricate designs available online and these online tutorials make it even easier! Use florist wire to create each stem and then use this stem to secure the flower to your Christmas tree.

Let your imagination run wild and, if you run out of ideas, simply search for flower crafts and flowers online for inspiration!