Floral beauties for your desk this autumn

Orange, yellow, red, cream, green and brown are great colours for autumn bouquets. Summer flowers are known for being bright and bold, while spring flowers are arranged in bouquets consisting of pastel shades. The best way to brighten your desk is to decorate it according to the season. If you’re trying to think of some floral beauties for an autumn arrangement, here are some great ideas:


Sunflowers are bold and bright, so they are often displayed during the summer months. That said, you can turn this summer bouquet into an autumn one by simply adding some red alstroemeria, perhaps floral beauties like chrysanthemums, and even some yellow filler flowers.



These floral beauties are available most of the year. Even if they are not in season, they are still some of the cheapest flowers available at your local florist. Carnations come in almost every colour possible and are even available in multi-colour combinations.

Gerbera daisies

These flowers are similar to sunflowers in their shape. However, they are much smaller than normal sized sunflowers and come in different colours. They can be displayed alone or together with other flowers, foliage and fillers.


Like carnations, roses are another staple in any flower shop. They are popular on many occasions and can easily be combined with a wide variety of other floral beauties. Alternatively they can also be placed alone to create an elegant bouquet of roses. They are also available in various colours and shades.


Baby’s breath

When looking for the perfect flower filler, you can’t go wrong with baby’s breath! No matter how simple the arrangement, you can completely transform it simply by adding a few of these small but gloriously beautiful flowers.


Don’t forget to add some texture and maybe some brown tones to your autumn arrangements! You can do this by surrounding the vase with small pumpkins or gourds. If you want, you can even use a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase! If you want to add something to the vase, you can use filler such as dried sticks or twigs.

When planning a flower arrangement for your desk at work, it’s important to do so with your work needs in mind. You don’t want to clutter your desk and make work difficult. Therefore, your bouquet of floral beauties must be sized to fit a predetermined location. If you work in a cubicle-style environment, you’ll also want to make sure that your nearby co-workers aren’t bothered by hanging flowers invading their space. If any of your co-workers are allergic to pollen, you can still enjoy the flowers, but you may have to choose artificial flowers.