Potted plants that thrive in winter

Many people struggle to take care of house plants and this struggle becomes even more apparent during the colder months of the year. It’s important to take the time to find the best kind of plant for your home before splashing out and buying the plant that looks the best at the time. Conduction research on how to care for the plant and the kinds of conditions it likes the most is essential for its survival.


For those who have some experience with house plants, you will find the cyclamen to be a real joy. Not only do these plants have beautiful flowers but their leaves are gorgeous as well. Cyclamens can be a bit more on the tricky side when it comes to finding the perfect spot in your home. They enjoy indirect sunlight and relatively cool temperatures. If you have an east-facing window, this will prove ideal. It’s also important to note that you should never over water these plants or it will cause the root system to rot and the plant will die. Instead, place the pot on a saucer and add some water to the saucer. Allow the plant to soak it up for a few hours and discard any water remaining in the saucer. You don’t want to leave the pot to soak for too long! You also don’t want to water from the top down. Watering should not be done too often. You may only need to do so once a week. Remember to deadhead the plant regularly to ensure continuous growth.


If a cyclamen proves too challenging, your next best bet would be a polyanthus. These plants enjoy higher levels of humidity and should be placed near a south-facing window for plenty of indirect light. They enjoy cooler temperatures so make sure that they aren’t placed near any sources of heat. Make sure that you maintain the humidity around the plant by using a pebble tray and mist the plant occasionally as well.