Why are we so happy to receive flowers?

Why are we so happy to receive flowers?

By now you must have heard about the wonderful effects a fresh flower delivery can have on the recipient. When the bouquet arrives, it can completely change the way the recipient feels and these effects last as long as the blooms remain fresh and beautiful. What some people don’t know is that studies have been conducted and the results certainly support the belief that flowers can affect our moods.

Rutgers University Study

Two professors at Rutgers University took it upon themselves to dig deeper into this theory. What they found was amazing. 100% of fresh flower recipients experienced a pure and true sense of happiness when the bouquet arrived. This study involved 147 participants and they were each gifted with either a fresh bouquet, a basket of fruit or a candle. While the flowers enjoyed 100% success, the fruit only brought true joy to 90% of recipients while the candle only 77%.

Flowers in your daily life

Another study analysed the way flowers affected our overall mood. Not only when the blooms were delivered, but rather several days or even weeks later. 55 women took part in this study and, after a few days women reported that they felt less stressed, more energetic, happier, and more compassionate.

Why do flowers have such a positive effect?

Now that we know that flowers make us happy, it’s time to figure out why. Fresh flowers are colourful and many colours have a way of brightening up our surroundings which gives us a more positive disposition. Their scent is another positive aspect that has a great effect on our mood. The sense of smell is the most powerful of all. A single sniff of a familiar smell is enough to trigger memories from decades ago. If you love a specific floral scent and you associate it with many positive memories, the scent will bring those positive sentiments back in a moment.

When you want to spoil somebody you love, you can be sure that fresh flowers are always the best gift. Make sure that you choose blooms that suit the recipient as well as the occasion. Shopping online backs this easy because you will only have to take a look under the appropriate category.