Top 10 Reasons Why Flowers Make a Great Gift

So you are looking for a reason to send flowers to someone? If the fact that they are a nice gift that look good and smell even better is not enough then read on….


1)  Flowers are non-toxic and bio-degradable, so they aren’t going to harm the environment in the same way a fur coat or other nature sapping gift would.

2)  Flowers don’t require batteries or complicated assembly. Yes we know what girls can be like don’t we. They are not like us boys who love nothing more than boosting our ego by assembling some patio furniture or a new book shelf. No flowers are simply put in a vase of water and enjoyed. What could be more easy?

3)  Flowers are non-fattening. Weight Watchers say you can have as many as you like, but I wouldn’t suggest going on a bouquet eating binge. So they beat chocolates any day, apart from national chocolate day of course.

4)  Flowers are the freshest gift you could ever receive, while fine wine was probably made before you were even born.

5)  Psychiatrists agree receiving flowers leads to reduced stress levels.

7)  Because she bloody well deserves some! The only reason you need.

8)  Great flowers come in all price ranges from a garage bouquet for a buck to a posh and elegant bouquet from a luxury florist such as the ultra posh Prestige Flowers.

9)  Who doesn’t like flowers? Come on? Even Hitler and Bin Laden liked flowers

10) Because you should never let a loved one go without the simple luxuries in life! Enough said!


Do you have a better reason that we should add? Well comment below then and let us all know.