Fresh flowers – why send romantic bouquets

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many people might be wondering why they should consider sending fresh flowers. Both new and long-term relationships can use some nurturing in order to ensure that the romantic flame keeps on burning. So, with this in mind, here are some of the main reasons why you should consider sending a beautiful bouquet to the one you love.

Traditional gift

Fresh flowers are perfect if you enjoy traditions. Red roses are the number one choice because they are associated with romance and love. Of course, other red flowers are also wonderfully romantic and, if you want something more subtle, you could choose a pink bouquet instead. Flowers are a traditional gift for this occasion. However, you can opt for something more modern if you send something like a luxurious orchid or even a bunch of their favourite blooms.

Create meaningful memories

Many experts agree that the most powerful of the five senses is the sense of smell. This means that if you choose fresh flowers with a sweet perfume, you can help create some amazing memories every time you send a bouquet. If, for example, you gave your loved one a bouquet of sweet-smelling lilies, you could send a bouquet that includes these lilies again to bring those memories back.

Shop on a budget

When you send fresh flowers, you can always do your shopping on a budget. This means that you can choose your bouquet based on how much you are able to spend. You will also notice that your online florist offers designs in different sizes so you can opt for a larger bouquet if it is within your budget.

Add something extra

When you order fresh flowers from your online florist, you will also be able to add something to your order. Some of the most popular extra gifts include chocolates, champagne, balloons and cuddly bears. You can take your pick and add as many of these extras to add.

Direct delivery

Another important point to consider when you send fresh flowers is that you can have them delivered directly and, if you have a crush you want to surprise, you can also opt for an anonymous delivery. If you are far from your Valentine this year, you can also look for international flower deliveries.

Now that you know why fresh flowers make a wonderful romantic gift, all that’s next is for you to browse through all the wonderful bouquets available at your favourite florist. Remember to always shop around and compare different options before making your final choice.