Choosing the right types of sympathy flowers

Choosing sympathy flowers can be quite a delicate process. While we want to show our support, it’s also important not to overstep or offend the recipient. Here are a few essential guidelines that will help you let them know how much you care and that you are thinking of them.

Types of blooms

The first thing you should know is what type of flowers are best to send as sympathy flowers. The top choices include lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, gladioli and carnations. Calla lilies, which are not technically lilies, are also at the top of many lists. You can send a bouquet that consists of one of these types of flowers or you can send a mixed bouquet if you prefer.

The right colour

The most popular colour when it comes to sympathy flowers is white. The leaves on the stems and any extra foliage will perfectly compliment the white blooms. White is the symbol of purity and green is known for being a highly soothing colour. Of course, you are not limited to white and green. Other popular colours include pink, purple and yellow. Warm colours are excellent for lifting the spirits of those who are grieving because they help brighten the room.

Various designs

Sympathy flowers come in a wide variety of designs. If you would like to have flowers delivered directly to the funeral, you may like to opt for a cross, coffin spray or wreath. If you prefer, you can send a vase bouquet to their home. The right design will depend on where you plan on having the blooms sent.

Potted plants

If you want something that will last longer than a bouquet of sympathy flowers, you could always opt for a potted plant instead. Plants are great for lifting the mood and improving air quality. An orchid, for example, can give the recipient some amazing comfort. If you are worried that they will not be able to care for the plant properly, you could choose a succulent instead.

No matter what type of sympathy flowers you choose to send, make sure that you include a personal message. Your words will be printed in the card that is delivered along with the bouquet. Try to write something meaningful yet original if you want your words to have the greatest impact.