How to create a Mother’s Day flower arrangement

Fresh flowers are the number one gift for mum and, in fact, they are suited for all occasions. From birthdays and the arrival of a new baby to funerals, flowers are always a part of any event. If you want to send mum a special gift this year, why not try your hand at creating your very own Mother’s Day flower arrangement?

You will need:

  • Old watering can
  • Floral foam
  • Clippers or scissors to cut the stems
  • Sharp knife to cut the foam
  • Mother’s Day flower selection (choose blooms you prefer for mum)


  • Start by selecting your flowers. You want to consider your colour scheme as well as the shape of the display. For this kind of Mother’s Day flower arrangement, you need a bit of height as well as shorter stems for the area around the rim of the watering can.
  • Some examples of blooms and foliage that you can use include lavender daisy pops, snapdragons, carnations, monte casinos and a flat-leaf type of foliage.
  • Now to begin, you will need to trim your floral foam to the right size so that it fits inside the watering can and is nice and snug.
  • Soak the foam in some fresh water before placing it in the watering can. Avoid pressing the foam down in the water since this creates air bubbles. Rather let the foam absorb the water at its own pace.
  • The tallest point of the arrangement should be about 2 to 2 ½ times the height of the watering can. Any taller and it will be top heavy. Any shorter and it will look very out of shape.
  • Measure your first row of stems that will be placed in the middle of the arrangement. These would be the tallest flowers like snapdragons. Trim the stems at an angle, remove any extra foliage and insert them carefully into the foam.
  • Now add some smaller and shorter flowers around the focal flowers.
  • Finally finish off by including the smaller blooms and foliage in between.
  • Before you are all done, take a look at the entire arrangement and inspect the area around the rim of the watering can. Make sure that you are not able to see any floral foam. If you can, add a flower and/or some foliage to this area of the arrangement.
  • Continue inspecting the rest of the arrangement and look for any empty spots. Use your smallest flowers and foliage to fill these areas too.
  • When you are all done, you can present the bouquet to mum and have her display it in an area away from the wind, sun or any other elements that may cause them to perish prematurely.

Remember to always look for the best quality blooms when creating your own Mother’s Day flower arrangement. You want to make sure that they are in partial bud form at least. This will help ensure that the arrangement lasts that much longer. Fully-opened blooms do not last as long since they are already in or past their prime.