Flowers for your wine tasting party

Hosting a wine tasting party is fun and fabulous! It’s perfect for spending quality time with your friends or even when you want to get to know new people. The key is to make sure that you cover all the essential basics – wine, cheese, and décor of course.

Wine and cheese need to be paired just right for the best flavour combination. You cannot simply enjoy any type of cheese with any kind of wine. For example, if you plan on serving Port, you should definitely have a strong-flavoured cheese like Stilton. Make sure that you offer several types of wine along with various cheeses to go with them. If any of your cheeses are strong-flavoured, you should keep them far from the other cheeses or the flavours will mix.

Once you have your cheese and wine selected, it’s time to choose a selection of breads and crackers as well as salad items to help complete the tasty experience. It will also make the table that much more colourful and inviting to your guests.

Speaking of making your tables more colourful, this is where décor comes in. Since this is a cheese and wine event, you can use wine-inspired containers as vases. For example, you can use a mini wine barrel or crate to hold a vase or arrangement set in floral foam. Add some accessories to these arrangements in the form of fresh or artificial grapes, and bottles of wine. For colour combinations, when using green grapes, you can decorate with green blooms with touches of lavender here and there.

As for red grapes, you ca use some lush green foliage, dark red blooms, light red blooms, and even a splash or two of yellow. The grapes should flow over the edge of the container for the best effect. For something a bit more feminine, you could opt for green grapes paired with green, light pink, and dark pink blooms. Plenty of texture is good and they can all be arranged in a wicker basket. Another great way of giving your bouquet the right theme is by filling the vase with wine corks.