Fresh flowers – always a suitable gift

When we think about sending fresh flowers, we usually imagine occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, welcoming new babies, house warming celebrations and other happy events. Yes, we usually send blooms for happy occasions but these are not the only moments when a bouquet can be the best gift. When somebody you know has lost a loved one, it is an extremely difficult time for them. It is also difficult even for their closest friends to find the balance between being supportive and overstepping. This is where a flower delivery will always prove to be the best gift.

A sincere message

When you send fresh flowers to express your condolences, you should ask your florist to include a special message for the recipient. You don’t need to write a poem but you should write something form the heart. Let the recipient(s) know that you are thinking of them and that you are ready and happy to help them in any way needed. Including your name in this card is not so that you can receive some kind of recognition but the rather just to let the grieving loved ones know that you are thinking of them.

Give them comfort

After losing a loved one, the world can seem void of all things good and positive. It is extremely easy to slip into depression at this difficult time which is why it is so important to offer support in every way possible. Fresh flowers are known for proving beneficial in a number of ways. According to various studies, recipients of fresh bouquets experienced an emotional boost which lasted as long as the bouquet did. While many people send white-themed bouquets as a sign of respect, there is no rule against sending something colourful. The colours could even help lift their spirits.

Ease their loneliness

When you lose somebody you love, there is a time when you hear the phone ring or the front door will open and you almost expect it to be your loved one. Many people say that they go to bed at night and, when they wake up it takes them a while to actually remember that their loved one is gone. This is almost like experiencing that loss all over again. Even if they would rather spend the days before and after the funeral alone, it does not mean that you cannot ease their loneliness with fresh flowers delivered to their door. The comfort they provide along with the fact that they are delivered by a professional rather than in person will allow the recipient to appreciate them without feeling obligated to host visitors.

One of the last things on a grieving person’s mind is cooking. This is why food hampers, along with fresh flowers, make such thoughtful gifts. While the flowers will offer them some comfort in the visual sense, a food basket will ensure that they at least eat something even if they are not up for cooking the meal themselves.