The beauty of simplicity

In many cases, flower arrangements are designed to provide that sense of awe. Florists want everyone who sees their work to be stunned by the beautiful creation and how each bloom is so carefully and perfectly positioned. When you take a look at some large, elaborate arrangements, it’s easy to understand how florists have managed to build up such a reputation over the decades. Floristry is no longer the mere act of putting flowers in a vase or tying a few stems together. These days, it’s a form of art and so much dedication is involved in each bouquet.

That said, as superb as an intricate design consisting of several types of flowers may be, sometimes simple says it best. When it comes to flowers, there is certainly a fair amount of truth to the saying Less is More. Just take a moment to appreciate the effect a dozen or two dozen red roses can have when the flower delivery is made. A single type of flower in just one colour and, yet, it makes an amazing statement.

Another great idea is to group two or more colours of the same flower together in a single arrangement. When pairing just two colours, remember that contrasting shades look amazing! Just think about purple and yellow irises paired together in the perfect glass vase. Purple and yellow are located directly opposite one another on the colour wheel. It is this contrast and the simplicity of the arrangement that makes it so appealing.

The same can be done with many different flowers. Provided, of course, that the type of flower is indeed available in contrasting colours. Alternatively, you could pair two different types of flowers together in two contrasting colours. This kind of arrangement will often look best if the flowers you use have a similar appearance like the outward facing petals of certain lilies and those of the iris.

Remember, while some like to overthink things, it’s often best to let your imagination take the lead. Listen to your instincts and, when in doubt, look for flowers online. Online florists have the most exquisite designs and it’s so easy to browse through the various arrangements. Online florists also include prices and product descriptions to help you make the best decision!