Flowers that say farewell

There comes a time when we move on from our place of work and on to new prospects. Leaving a place of work is not always easy and it’s usually just as difficult for you as it is the rest of the employees and perhaps even your boss. Since this is the last time you will have the opportunity to work together, it’s important to make it memorable and spoil your coworker with a thoughtful gift.

Fresh flowers are a suitable gift for many occasions and, when you want to bid somebody farewell and wish them luck, you can’t go wrong with a bouquet. The best part of all is that there are no rules when it comes to flowers to say farewell. You can get as creative with the arrangement as you like!

Florists usually offer a wide variety of flowers and several colours. When shopping for flowers online, you’ll notice that online florists actually organise their bouquets as per specific occasions. Congratulations flowers are excellent for wishing somebody on their new job or the new adventure upon which they are about to embark. Good luck flowers are also suitable since they can be sent as a message of wishing them well as they close an old chapter and open a brand new one.

If you know what kind of flowers your coworker loves, then it’s always a great idea to choose their favourites. The only flowers you might want to avoid are red ones. Red flowers can be included in mixed bouquets but, if you send a red bunch of flowers, it can come across as a romantic gesture.

Once you have chosen your flowers, it’s time to choose something extra. Online florists usually offer a wide variety of optional extras such as chocolates, wine, and even stuffed animals. Choose one or more of these gifts to be included with your fresh flower delivery.

Finally, don’t forget to have your florist include a note and, once the arrangement is delivered, you can have all the employees sign the card to make it extra special. Remember, if you order a bouquet without a vase, you will need to have a vase on hand so that your co-worker can place the bouquet in some fresh water right away.