Flowers and plants for the perfect home office

Many people work from home and, these days, more than usual. Just because you are working from home, however, this does not mean that you cannot spruce up your office. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by adding the right flowers and plants to the room. Not only will you enjoy the way that they add colour to your office, but they also help improve your mental and emotional well-being.


When it comes to compact flowers and plants, you can’t go wrong with terrariums. These are an excellent option for those who are very busy. You will not need to take special care of them since they will do best with minimal attention. Apart from the plant or plants themselves, you will also enjoy improved d├ęcor thank to the shape and design of the terrarium in general.

Out of the way

If you use most of your desk and table space for work and work-related supplies, you might feel like you cannot possibly add flowers and plants anywhere. Instead of looking for space on these surfaces, consider something a little more vertical. You could add a shelf or even opt for hanging planters that will not take up any space on desks or worktops.

The right planter or vase

When you buy flowers and plants, they might come with a vase or planter. In many cases, potted plants come in plastic planters. This is fine for transporting them but you may want to add a little more colour to the room by slipping the plastic planter inside a decorative one. Remember, ceramic planters tend to absorb water from the soil so you will need to water more frequently. As for vases, the most popular options include clear glass vases or those in solid, neutral colours like white, black and earth tones.

The right colours

When choosing flowers and plants for your home office, make sure that you consider the colour scheme in the room. For the most part, you could display cut flowers of any colour and variety. Just keep in mind the season and seasonal colour trends. For instance, in the summer, bold and bright colours are popular. During the winter, festive colours and even white bouquets become the leading trend. The colour green is very soothing and can help aid in creativity and productivity. So, even if you have a plant that does not produce flowers, it will still add colour to the room.

With these ideas in mind, you can add flowers and plants to your home office with ease. Remember, not all plants grow to a large size. Many plants remain quite small and succulents are some of the easiest to care for. Take note of the needs of the plant before you buy one.