A simple yet stunning autumn centrepiece

After the beautifully warm months of summer, the onset of autumn is a reminder that colder weather is on the way. For those who are affected by seasonal and weather changes, autumn can make them feel less than enthusiastic to wake up in the morning. All the more reason to brighten up your home and keep those blues away with fresh flowers! When arranging an autumn bouquet, you need not make it complicated. Here’s how to arrange your very own centrepiece.

You will need:

  • 1 clay or brown/orange porcelain pot-like vase
  • Floral tape
  • Flower food
  • A selection of autumn flowers and foliage
  • Sharp clippers


  • Start by making a grid over the vase using the floral tape. This will act as a flower frog to support each and every stem.
  • Add water and flower food to the vase before you start arranging your flowers.
  • When you arrange your fresh flowers and foliage, you should trim the stems one by one based on the location of the flower. Make sure that you position each stem so that those around the base cover and even overflow over the edge slightly. You want the centrepiece to appear full and abundant.
  • Types of flowers that you can use include chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, roses, and you can also add texture with rose hips. The key is to choose the right colours like red, orange, rust-like shades and darker shades of yellow. As for foliage, try something like pear leaves or oak leaves to fill up any empty spaces. Remember to avoid creating colour clusters. Spread the same colours and flowers out so that your bouquet looks balanced.
  • Keep your design as low as possible if this is a centrepiece. You want your guests to be able to see one another without stretching their backs and necks just to see over the flowers!
  • Don’t forget to change the water every two days and add more flower food every time you do. This will help your flowers last that much longer!
  • Another important tip to remember is to keep your fresh flowers away from any direct sunlight, heat, wind, and anything that could result in damage.
  • Enjoy this bouquet in your own home or share with a friend to brighten their day. You can even bring some life to your workplace with this colourful seasonal arrangement!