Sunny Sunflowers at Prestige Flowers

Its summer and although the weather is dull and gloomy you can still brighten up your home with a fresh bouquet of sunflowers. Order today using our next day UK flower delivery service and your home could be brightened up this time tomorrow.


When you think of sunflowers the first thing that will come to most peoples minds is sun, summer and having a good time. Now however we must be realist and remember that we live in the UK and having sun in our summertime is sadly very rare. But thanks to Prestige Flowers you are one click away the having the cheerfulness restored to your life.

In the expertly prepared bouquet you receive the freshest and most colourful blooms of sunflowers which are complemented by yellow roses, lime green carnations and finished off with rich green foliage. It really is the perfect bouquet to cheer you up on the wet, depressing days of our British Summertime.

Along with the beautiful bouquet you will receive a box of free Belgian Chocolates so when the rain is keeping you inside, put on a good movie, snuggle up under a blanket and enjoy the chocolates.

You can order this bouquet along with the chocolates at the following link: