Fresh flower FAQs and their answers

By now, you should have at least sent one fresh flower bouquet and possibly received one or more in your lifetime. No matter how many years go by, however, there still seem to be many questions regarding fresh flower bouquets and gifts. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

Can a woman send a fresh flower bouquet to a man?

Absolutely! Times have changed and women everywhere can make the most of it by pampering their men with a fresh flower arrangement too! A bouquet for a man, however, may look a little different. While women enjoy pastels, men usually prefer bold colours. You may even like to create a themed display such as a bouquet arranged to look like a mug of beer or a truck filled with fresh flowers. Not all flowers are feminine. Just ask your florist for something with that manly touch.

What are the best romantic blooms?

Red roses are the number one choice when it comes to a romantic fresh flower gift. Of course, other red flowers like carnations and tulips are also excellent for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. If you are in a new relationship, you can send pink blooms instead since red flowers are more on the passionate side of the scale and you may not want to send such a strong message.

What types of flowers show sympathy?

Sympathy flowers come in all shapes and colours. That said, the most popular fresh flower arrangement in this case is one that consists of white blooms and a generous touch of greenery. White roses, lilies and carnations are all popular choices in blooms and they can be combined in a single bouquet to let the recipient know that you care.

How can I choose birthday flowers?

When shopping for a fresh flower bouquet to celebrate somebody’s birthday, you can use several techniques. One idea is to look for a bouquet that consists of or includes their birth flower. Another option is to shop for a bouquet that includes the same colour as that birth stone. Of course, if you are not having any luck in either of these areas, simply check out the section of birthday flowers at your favourite online florist and you are sure to find something superb here.

Should I order blooms online?

Ordering a fresh flower bouquet online is not only quick and easy, but it can also help you save so much money! You can place your order in just a few clicks and have the bouquet delivered directly to the recipient. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home and you can shop whenever it’s most convenient for you!

There you have it! A few of the most popular fresh flower questions and answers. Remember, when shopping online for flowers, you can always ask your online florist for help and advice. Their customer service team is there to help you through the entire process. From finding the right bouquet to making your way to the check out.