Tips for transporting flowers in cold weather

Whenever you order flowers, you have the choice of collecting them yourself or having the florist deliver the arrangement. When choosing a florist flower delivery, many people prefer to have the bouquet sent to them so that they can present the flowers to the recipient in person. Of course, whenever transporting flowers, complications can occur and it is always best to be prepared.


Transporting fresh blooms in the summer presents just as much of a challenge as the colder winter months. Just because the sun isn’t quite as harsh and temperatures aren’t scorching hot, this does not mean that you won’t have to protect your flowers. You will  simply need to adjust your approach somewhat.


Firstly, if the bouquet is already arranged in a vase with fresh water, you should check the water level. Vases should never be filled to the brim. The water should only cover the ends of the stems in order to reduce bacterial growth in the water. A low water level will also come in handy when transporting the bouquet since it won’t spill quite as easily. If you are transporting a handheld bouquet, you should place it inside a steady vase-like container with some water to keep the flowers hydrated during their trip to the recipient.


Secondly, if you are driving with a passenger, have them hold the bouquet while you’re driving. If you’re going solo, then you will need to figure out another way of keeping the arrangement secure while you drive. The last thing you need is to be distracted while behind the wheel. Crates and boxes work really well. You can stuff bundles of newspaper and similar packing material arround the vase to hold it firmly in place.
Another important point to plan is where in your vehicle you will place that crate or where the passenger holding the flowers will sit. If you are planning on heating your vehicle, then you may want to keep the flowers in the back and away from the heater vents. You should keep the temperature in your car comfortable but not too hot. If you make your car too hot, the flowers could experience quite a shock when you reach your destination and open the door! You’re wearing a coat but they are far more exposed to the elements.


It should go without saying that you should keep your windows shut. You should also keep your flowers away from cold surfaces like the windows of your car. Touching cold surfaces is an instant trip to the rubbish bin for fresh cut flowers and foliage.