Florist tricks and hacks everyone should know

If you love flowers but you are not sure how to make amazing flower arrangements, you simply need to keep these florist tricks in mind. With these handy hacks, you create the professional-looking bouquet you’ve always imagined.

Ensuring a water supply

The first thing to remember is that you should never limit yourself to one type of arrangement. One of the best florist tricks to keep in mind is that you should consider all options including vases, floral foam and fresh tubes. Tubes are great for holding water for each individual stem so that you can display it without the use of foam or a vase. Make sure that you apply some leaf shine to the lid of the tube before closing it. This will make it easier to open once the flower is wilting and you can reuse the tube for your next display.

Protect your skin and surfaces

When working with flowers, you will need to protect your skin and surfaces from irritants including glue. You can wear gloves or apply lotion to protect your skin from these substances. You should also place newspaper on your work surface so that you don’t damage your table or work area. It will also make for an easy clean up.

Paint protection

Another one of the most popular florist tricks, if you are working with paint, is to apply Vaseline or baby oil to your nails in order to prevent paint from sticking to your nails or getting under them. Again, gloves are also a great option. So, if you are painting a planter or vase, for example, you should make sure that you protect your hands and nails.

Pollen tricks

Pollen can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Heavy pollen, on the other hand, can make quite a mess on the surface below. While airborne pollen is incredible small and difficult to remove, heavy pollen can often be removed. This is one of the handiest florist tricks because it is also believe to ensure that blooms last even longer. If some pollen does fall on any fabric like your clothes or tablecloth, you can lift it off the surface using pipe cleaners.


Many centrepieces will include flowers as well as a candle set in the middle. Of course, there are some possible risks in terms of fire and damage to the surrounding blooms. For this reason, they are usually place slightly higher up so that the flame is never at the same level as the flowers. Of course, melted wax can be difficult to clean up once it hardens. One of the best florist tricks to keep in mind is to use a hairdryer to soften the wax before removing it. If you need to remove wax from a glass surface, take extra care not to focus the heat on a single spot as this can cause the glass to crack. Instead, warm the glass area up slowly and evenly.

Safe transport

Another one of the most important florist tricks to keep in mind is that you should always transport your flowers with care. You want to make sure that they have water for the trip and you don’t want them falling over. If you are transporting vase arrangements, you should keep them in their vase or a bucket with a very small amount of water. Secure the vase or bucket in a crate and add packing material to prevent the bouquet from falling over. Remember not to add too much water. You only need enough to cover the bases of the stems.

With these handy florist tricks in mind, you will really be able to make the most of every bouquet. You can use these tips to create your own bouquets or amazing floral gifts for friends and family.