Send flowers to improve mental health

Fresh blooms and plants can have an amazing effect on the mind and our mental state. This is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to send flowers when they find out that a friend is not doing too well. Not only do flowers make excellent get well soon gifts, but they are also excellent for showing support during difficult times. Here are some examples of the best blooms and potted plants to send.

Chrysanthemums for a better mood

When you want to cheer somebody up and you would like to send flowers, you should consider choosing chrysanthemums. These blooms are bright and colourful as well as fully of texture. According to research, they can provide the recipient with an even greater boost than chocolate! They can help chase away those blues and anxiety. They are also excellent for relieving stress.

Snake plants for productivity

Not only can you send flowers to boost their mood, but you could also opt for a potted plant. Snake plants are especially beneficial for those who want to enjoy increased productivity. This is one reason why they are often seen in offices and home studies. They are known for improving energy levels and concentration.

Lisianthus for creativity

When you need to get extra creative or you would like to stimulate somebody’s creative side, send flowers like lisianthus. The bouquet does not need to consist strictly of these blooms, but you can pair them with other flowers in a mixed bouquet too.

Jasmine for better sleep

As for relaxing and soothing effects, you can’t go wrong with jasmine! When you send flowers like these, you will help the recipient really relax and let go of their worries. It’s the perfect flower or plant to add to any bedroom. Lower levels of anxiety encourage better rest which help the body and mind.

When you send flowers to help give a friend or loved one that mental boost, make sure that you include a special note too. Your florist will include a message card. It’s up to you to fill it with the most loving and supportive words! In addition, you should make yourself available to the recipient if they need a hand or even just somebody to talk to. Just knowing that there are people out there who care, is enough to keep those suffering from anxiety and depression that much more grounded.