Decorating his office with flowers

When choosing flowers for him, it might be a good idea to consider decorating his office space. Take his interests and hobbies into account when selecting a bouquet as well as the size of his work space. Men often prefer a more compact design and something stylish yet understated or fun.

Sailing theme

If you know that he loves the water and he spends (or spent) a great deal of time boating, you could look for a boat-themed bouquet. All you need is a blue or red rounded rectangular container to hold the flowers and add a triangle-shaped piece of white cloth to represent the sail. Make sure that you double up on the cloth and wrap it around a wooden frame to get the best look.

Car theme

If dad loves cars or driving, then why not find a large convertible toy car (preferably a high quality one that he can keep after the flowers perish) and add flowers. Make sure that you place the flowers inside a waterproof container with a block of floral foam. This way you can be sure that the water won’t pill into the car and cause damage.

Potted plant

If you want to avoid flowers because they perish after a few weeks, then a potted plant is perfect! Take note of the light, air, and the amount of space he has available in his office and choose the plant accordingly. Some plants need some direct sunlight whereas others do better in the shade. This is why you need to know where his office is located and where he will most likely put that plant on display. Succulents and cacti are some of the easiest to care for so, if you know that he is extremely busy at work, you might want a low maintenance option that won’t get too upset if it’s not tended to daily.


If you’re not sure about plants or flowers, then the best fail safe is a gift hamper! There are plenty of gift hampers for men and they include various beverages and treats. From wine to whisky, crisps, and cheese, there’s something for every man’s palate!