Care Tips For Your Iris Bouquet

Irises come in a few different colours and, no matter which one you choose, they look amazing with other blooms as well as all on their own.  It is no wonder that the French have chosen this flower as their national emblem, the Fleur-de-lis.  If your florist is familiar with the language of flowers, they will confirm that irises generally send the message of faith, passion, wisdom and friendship.  Blue irises symbolize faith and hope, purple ones – wisdom, yellow irises represent passion and the white iris symbolizes purity just like most other white flowers do.  If you need to send flowers to somebody special, one of these messages is surely appropriate and, when sending irises, be sure to include the following tips on how to care for these cut flowers.

Irises are known for their long stems.  So, the first important thing to remember is to display these flowers in tall vases that will support the stems.  If a short vase is used, not only will this put strain on the flowers but it will also look really silly and out of proportion.

Iris Flower Bearded Iris

Irises are also really thirsty flowers so you should add a little bit more water to the vase than what you would with flowers like roses.  Help them absorb water and nutrients at a suitable rate by trimming the base of the stems at an angle.  This will create a larger surface area for absorption and it will also prevent the stems from laying flat on the bottom of the vase.  If stems were to lay directly on the base of the vase, this would seriously obstruct absorption.  It is also suggested that you trim the stems under water.  That way no air can enter the stems.  Never leave the stems out of water.  If you are cleaning the vase, make sure you put the flowers in a bucket of water first.  Another important tip to remember is to always use a clean pair of scissors, sheers or knife.  Diseases have a way of spreading from plant to plant and, if you used them for anything else, it is best to clean them properly first in order to prevent the possible spread of disease.  They should also be very sharp so that the stem is not damaged in any way when cut.  While trimming the stems, be sure to cut off any leaves that might end up below the water line.  Leaves are a great place for bacteria to grow so, prevent this by removing the excess leaves.

Finally, do yourself a favour and use floral preserve in the water.  This will delay the growth of bacteria and provide your irises with some extra nutrients.  Keep your bouquet out of direct sunlight, wind and away from air conditioners, heaters and fire places.

Irises will usually be delivered in bud form.  Handle them with care and do not bump the flower tips.  Within just a couple of days, your bouquet will be in full bloom and you can reap the benefits of your hard work and effort.