Tips for setting your flowers in a vase

Whether you order several bunches of flowers or a single arrangement is delivered to your door, some may find it tricky to achieve that perfect effect once removing the blooms from their packaging and placing them in a vase. There are a few great ways of ensuring that any handheld bouquet will look phenomenal once set in the right vase.

Which brings us to the first important step – choosing your vase. When you look at the flower stems, take note of their length. Remember, yo u will be trimming at least 1 centimeter off the bottom so take this into account as well. The longer the stems, the taller your vase will need to be. If you only have shorter vases, this is not a problem. You can simply trim the flower stems to the appropriate length.

If you love the way your bouquet is currently arranged, you might want to take a photo or two in order to remember where each stem needs to be placed in the vase. Take your time to to carefully unwrap your flowers and examine each stem. While you trim each stem and remove the lower leaves, allow your floral preserve to dissolve in the vase water.

Now, with the help of your photographs, start by arranging the flowers around the outer rim. You can arrange the focal flowers first if you like but this usually means that you need to hold them in place as you add more leaves and blooms. If you add your foliage and a few fillers, this will make it possible for you to slide your focal flowers and mass flowers in between and you don’t have to worry about them falling to the left or right.

Remember that your flowers located closer to the edge of the vase might need shorter stems whereas the ones placed in the middle can be a bit longer. This will help give your bouquet beautiful volume as well as that professional appearance. Even if you only use flowers and you stick to one type of flower, you need to make sure that those placed in the center are somewhat longer so that your bouquet does not look flat.

Take proper care of your cut flowers and they will provide you with plenty of joy. This means that you should keep them out of the sun and wind. You also need to change the water regularly and the stems might need to be trimmed every few days as well. If you notice a flower or some foliage that’s starting to wilt, it should be removed immediately. You might need to rearrange your bouquet slightly when this happens so that it maintains that full and perfect appearance. Once most of the flowers perish and you only have a few stems left, consider moving them to a smaller vase or creating several bud arrangements to display around your home.