Flower history – learn about Marigolds

If you are planning an important event like your wedding, a milestone birthday or anything this significant, you may not think of decorating with flowers like marigolds. When we think of fresh flowers, we usually imagine roses, carnations, lilies and so on. Rather than being so quick to pass over these blooms, consider their rich flower history. Even if you don’t include them in your special event, you may still wish you plant them in your garden.

Ancient cultures

The flower history of marigolds can be traced back as far as the ancient Aztecs. They used this flowering plant for its medicinal and supposed magical properties. According to herbal records that date back to the mid 1500s, these blooms were used to cure ailments like hiccups or treat those who had been struck by lightning. As for their magical properties, the Aztecs used marigolds if they wished to cross a body of water or river and they needed protection and safe passage.

Taken across the ocean

It is believed that the first people to take marigold seeds back home were the Spanish. This was back in the 16th century and it didn’t take long for other European countries to take an interest. The French were one of the first and soon countries in Northern Africa also showed a keen interest in growing this plant.

Popular in America

It was not until the early 1900s that the flower history of the marigold made its way to America. Prior to this, the flowers of choice included asters and sweet peas. That was, however, until disease took hold and many plants perished as a result. David Burpee took over his father’s seed company and he invested a great deal in researching and cultivating this plant.

Around the world

In the more recent flower history of marigolds, we can see that they are associated with different occasions like All Saints Day in Latin America and they are also used in different Hindu religious ceremonies. In countries like South Africa, these tough plants are planted along roadsides to add colour without the need for too much care.

While marigolds are known for having quite a strong scent, this is good news because it means that they help keep a number of bugs at bay – including mosquitoes. That said, due to their rich flower history and cultivation, hybrids have also come to be and they have little to know scent at all. These are good options to consider if you want the beauty without the strong perfume.