Christmas cactus care advice

While some people find it easy to choose a suitable bouquet from their favourite florist. There are those who shop in a matter of minutes and those who prefer to take their time. When searching through the various seasonal flowers and plants, have you ever considered a Christmas cactus? This plant is particularly interesting because it is not exactly a cactus. It is in fact a tropical plant that enjoys far more water than the desert dwelling cacti with which we are familiar.

When you bring a Christmas cactus home, you need to make sure that it is placed in just the right spot. They will need plenty of indirect sunlight but, be careful, this does not mean that they enjoy the full rays of the sun! The temperature in your home should be moderate and they prefer humid conditions. This means that they can either be displayed in rooms where humidity is high or you can use a tray of pebbles with water to ensure that the plant is happy.

In the winter, humidity is not necessarily something we like to encourage in our homes. This is because humidity can lead to damp areas and mildew. Not only does mildew look and smell bad, but it can also have serious health implications. Instead of increasing the overall humidity in a particular room, you could simply use the pebble tray trick. Place some stones in a tray and add water. Now place the pot on top of this tray and you’re all set! You will need to add some more water from time to time as it evaporates.

The watering frequency for this plant depends on the weather. During the warmer months, it should be watered every few days. In humid conditions, you won’t need to water as often. One month after the plant is done blooming, you should prune it. This will ensure proper preparation for the next bloom cycle.

If you would like to grow more plants from a single plant, you will need to cut off a section an replant it. Remember that every section that you cut off should consist of at least two sections. Be sure to use the same soil as the main plant and water the shoot when you water the main plant.