Wild flower care – make your blooms last

If you are strolling by a field of pretty blooms, you most likely would like to pick a few to take home with you. When it comes to wild flower arrangements, it is important to take the right steps when picking them and tending to them. This will ensure that your arrangement will last so much longer. Here are some easy tips that you can follow when picking wild blooms.

Pick buds

Some planning is involved when you want to pick and create a wild flower bouquet. You should always plan your flower picking trip for the morning. Preferably before the midday sun has time to warm up the petals. You want your flowers to be as crisp and fresh as possible. You should also look for flowers that are still in partial bud form. If they are fully opened, they will not last more than a few days in a vase.

Bucket of water

Take a clean bucket with fresh water along with you. As soon as you pick each wild flower, you will need to place it in your bucket right away. Since these flowers are growing without any special care, you can also expect there to be weeds in between. So, do yourself a favour and wear gloves while picking them. If you are not able to find a bucket, another method is to place the blooms head first in a plastic bag to prevent them from losing moisture on the way home. As soon as you get home, place these stems in some fresh water.

Remove lower leaves

Once you are home, you will need to let your blooms soak for about three hours just to make sure that they are ready to be arranged in a vase. Next, it’s time to arrange your blooms and create the most beautiful wild flower bouquet. This means that you will have the time to inspect each bloom before inserting it into your vase with fresh water. Remove any lower leaves and trim the stems at an angle. For best results, trim all of the stems under water. This prevents air from sneaking into the stem and obstructing water and nutrient absorption.

Monitor your bouquet

After creating your wild flower arrangement, all you need to do is monitor the water level in the vase as well as the water quality. Replace the water every couple of days to extend the life of your bouquet. You may need to give the stems another trim if you notice that they become slimy or slippery around the base.

A wild flower bouquet is great for decorating your own home and it can also make a lovely gift. If you are planning on visiting a friend or loved one and you have a field of flowers nearby, you should definitely make some time to pick these blooms before you pay them a visit. Not only will this prove to be a thoughtful gift, but it is inexpensive too since all you need is a vase!