Flower facts for Valentine’s Day

All over the world, couples are getting ready to celebrate one of the most romantic days of the year – Valentine’s Day. It’s customary to spoil your partner with a variety of gifts including chocolates and romantic fresh flowers. It’s during these few weeks that florists note a considerable increase in demand for red roses and some other red flowers. Since flowers are such a popular gift for this occasion, it’s also one of the busiest days for florists worldwide. All the more reason to ensure that you place your flower order with enough time to spare! Even if you shop for flowers online, you will still need to schedule a flower delivery. If the florist you choose is particularly busy and you place your order at the last minute, they might not have all the flowers you want in stock or they may only be able to deliver the day after Valentine’s Day.

For the most part, when it comes to flower purchases for Valentine’s Day, men are on the buying end. Of course, women have started picking up this trend and they too spoil their partners with fresh bouquets for this occasion. It might be considered traditional for men to send flowers but these days many men are also on the receiving end!

There has also been an increased awareness with regards to the high demand for flowers at this time of year. For this reason, more and more people are choosing to shop early. This is largely due to the fact that shops often become increasingly overcrowded as Valentine’s Day approaches. Shopping early often means that you will avoid long queues and frustrating shopping experiences.

Of all the flowers found at your local florist, there’s no denying the fact that red roses are the number one pick for Valentine’s Day. This is because they are the most romantic flower of all and they represent a deep and passionate kind of love. Due to the popularity of this particular flower at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to see prices sky rocket. Remember, roses are not in season in the northern hemisphere at this time of year. They will either need to be grown under controlled conditions or imported. Both of these methods push up the wholesale price and therefore the retail price will follow. If you are looking for cheap flowers for Valentine’s Day, you could choose other red flowers instead. Some great examples include carnations, tulips, and even mixed flower bouquets that consist of several different types of red flowers.

If you really want to opt for something different this year, how about a pink bouquet instead? There are a great variety of pink flowers on the market and, while they send a message of love and affection, they are not usually as expensive as red flowers in February. Consider a bouquet of pink roses, carnations, and stargazer lilies for example.

Finally, don’t forget about the growing trend of shopping for flowers online! Shopping online means that you can save time and energy running from florist to florist. You can also comfortably shop around for the best deals on the market. Online florists also offer great optional extras like a bottle of bubbly, chocolates, and stuffed animals to make your flower order even more impressive.