Should you tip for a flower delivery?

When you think about tipping somebody, you most likely think about a bartender or waiter. You might even tip workers behind the counter at your local fast food restaurant. Another moment that calls for tipping is whenever you receive a delivery. Deliveries come in all shapes and sizes including flower deliveries. Whether you placed the order or somebody has sent you a gift, it’s considered polite to tip the delivery person.

There is a customary amount to tip in various situations and flower deliveries are no exception. While you might tip 10% or even 20% at a restaurant, you can expect to tip a few Pounds when flowers arrive at your door. The larger the bouquet or the more extravagent, the greater the tip. Remember, even if you didn’t order the flowers yourself and they are in fact a gift, it’s always a nice gesture to pay the delivery person.

When the weather is particularly poor, then an extra tip is appreciated. Imagine spending the day driving from address to address during heavy rain, wind, or even snow. In some cases the driver will need to park far from the delivery address and proceed on foot. For their extra effort, it most definitely warrants something extra in their pocket.

Remember, it is the delivery person’s responsibility to ensure that the flower arrangement arrives at your door in perfect condition. Not only does this mean that it has to be packed properly, but also they need to take care when driving. The roads are often busy and there are all kinds of drivers out there. This can make a delivery person’s job stressful and difficult. Especially when you consider the fact that they need to make a certain number of deliveries within a set amount of time.

If your flowers do not arrive in perfect condition or if the delivery person is at all rude, then you should not feel obligated to tip. If you placed the flower order for yourself, and you are not happy with the quality of the bouquet, it is always best to mention this to the delivery person and contact the florist immediately. Make sure that you are familiar with the terms and conditions regarding their satisfaction guarantee. Tipping is always optional, no matter the quality of the product, and if you want to tip more than the average acceptable amount, it’s completely up to you.