The Floral Art Society of Pakistan- Flower Fun in Pakistan

Members of the Pakistani Flower society recently took part in a floral arrangement competition at the peak of Pakistan’s summer. Using their cultural heritage, the members willingly crated very artistic floral displays.

Many women from around the country too got involved with the flower fun attending the competition. Lahore Samina (The President of the Floral Art Society of Pakistan) along with Nasreen Amjad (the previous president of the society) were the ones who decided who had arranged the most creative display of flowers.

At the end of the day, the first price was awarded to a very deserving Yasmeen Sohail who arranged a beautiful Pakistani Flower arrangement.

Pakistan has a rich history of love for flowers, they take pride in what they grow and appreciate them the same as the west does. With their hot summers and monsoon periods, Pakistan is able to grow some of the world’s most beautiful flowers. The society was founded by a group of women originating from Karachi. The overarching principle of the Society is to promote peace and spirituality through the beauty of flowers. Flowers in Pakistan are given as symbols oof piece as well as the conventional sympathy, thank you and birthday flowers. Flowers are used at weddings to which are very spectacular in Pakistan.