Autumn season transition tips

Once summer comes to an end, it’s time to prepare for cooler temperatures and falling leaves. As the natural décor outside changes, the décor in your home should also change. Remember, home decorating is not limited to the inside of your home and there are several ways to achieve the best look. Especially during a transitional period like the autumn season.


A warm welcome

The entrance to your home will give your guests an idea of ​​what to expect once they open the front door. First impressions are always important, so it’s essential to take the time to properly decorate this area of ​​your home. If you have potted plants in front of your home, you should make sure they can withstand colder temperatures or move them to a warmer area, such as an enclosed patio. You can also celebrate the autumn season by displaying a few pumpkins in front of your house, but you may prefer the hollowed out variety, as you don’t want them to spoil.


Seasonal wreath

Another great addition is an autumn wreath for the front door. They differ from other types of wreaths because they focus on autumn colours and often include dried flowers and leaves. Good colours to consider include dark green, brown, amber, cream, and dark red.


Suitable colours

In your home you can focus on these same colours but use various types of leaves and flowers. Roses, ranunculus, various types of daisies and even some lilies look great thanks to their beautiful colours. Remember to look for dark green leaves but you can also use wheat and straw. Dried flowers are also a great option as they can be enjoyed throughout the autumn season and include all the right colours and textures.


Decorating each room

Some of the main areas you’ll need to focus on include the kitchen, the dining room table, any empty spaces in the living room, and the mantel, if you have one. Bedrooms and bathrooms can also use modest floral decorations during the autumn season and it depends on the space you have available. Don’t limit yourself to large bouquets. You can also opt for horizontal floral arrangements or even tablescapes for longer tables. Add other elements such as pine cones, pumpkins and similar items to emphasize the theme of your floral arrangements.

While some might feel a slow emotional decline during the autumn season, the right décor in your home can make all the difference. Remember that different colours have a different effect on your mood which means that beautiful blooms could be just what you need to feel good at this time of year.