Different types of flower arrangements

When you browse for fresh flowers, you will notice that flower arrangements come in all shapes and sizes. Each stem seems to be so perfectly placed that every petal and leaf look impeccable. Each type of flower and foliage is used to serve a particular purpose. Line, focal, and filler flowers are used in almost all types of arrangements. Line flowers create a kind of outline for the arrangement. In other words, they define its shape. Your focal flowers usually gain most of the attention because they are the brightest and are often placed in the centre. Filler flowers and foliage are placed in between to fill any gaps. With this in mind, it’s easier to understand the difference between line, mass, and line-mass flower arrangements.

Line flower arrangements consist mostly of line plant material. This includes line flowers, branches, and long pieces of wood. The key is to keep the arrangement long in appearance and it will be positioned to create a horizontal display along a table. Some of the most popular options include snap dragons and delphiniums. They have lovely long stems and bright blooms that will prove very eye-catching.

Mass flower arrangements are often round, triangular, or oval in shape. They are often fuller in appearance and they have a symmetrical design. The brightest flowers are placed in the centre to create a distinct focal point. Some of the top choices for focal flowers include lilies and roses. These arrangements are excellent for decorating larger rooms and you can use a combination of several colours or you can stick to a simple colour scheme if you prefer.

As for line-mass flower displays, these are probably the most common. These bouquets include both mass and line flower elements. The focal flowers and filler flowers give the arrangement its fullness and these arrangements can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. The fillers and foliage in these arrangements are often of the cheaper variety. Since these bouquets include a significant number of stems, the cheap flowers help keep the overall cost of the bouquet down.

Remember, it’s not only flowers that vary in price. Foliage can also vary in price just as they do colour and size. Some of the most popular foliage for filling gaps include eucalyptus leaves and magnolia. Vines are perfect for horizontal arrangements. You can also allow your flowers to overlap the leaves but you should not let the leaves overlap your flowers.