Make your Valentine’s Day bouquet sweeter

Flowers and chocolate are the two top Valentine’s Day gifts around the world. If you have ordered the perfect bunch of flowers but you want to make them even more special, you can add chocolate to each bloom! It’s simple, quick, and it won’t break your Valentine’s Day budget.

You will need:

  • Valentine’s Day flower bouquet
  • Stiff green wire cut to 9 inches
  • Small chocolates – wrapped
  • Pliers (for cutting the wire)


  • Start by cutting your wire to size. 9 inches should do and, remember, the straight variety is better than the wire you buy on a spool because it’s easier to work with in this case.
  • Insert the wire through the base of the flower. Don’t rush this step or you could damage the flower. The wire should come out through the middle of the flower.
  • Now pierce the chocolate with the wire and pull the wire back out the stem so that the chocolate is set nice and snug in the middle.
  • Remember, when you use flowers like roses, you can rest assured that they are in no way toxic so contact between the flower and the chocolates is perfectly safe. To make sure that your chocolates are presentable and don’t get devoured by insects, make sure that you choose small individually wrapped chocolates.
  • Once your chocolate is in place, wrap the green wire around the stem to secure it in place and conceal it.
  • Give these flowers out as individual gifts or make a bunch and surprise your Valentine with flowers and chocolate all in one!