Save money with seasonal flowers

Whether you are shopping for a floral gift or a flower arrangement for yourself, one of the major deciding factors is the price of the bouquet. Not everyone has an almost limitless budget and, for this reason, we could all use some tips on how to save money when ordering flowers. One of the most important tips to keep in mind is that you should look for seasonal flowers. More often than not, when flowers are in bloom locally, they will be cheaper.

Why the price difference

You might be wondering why there is such a price difference between flowers that are in season and those that are not. Simply put, when flowers are in season in your region, florists can source them from local growers. If they are not in season, the blooms will need to be imported or cultivated in greenhouses. Either way, this pushes up the price per stem.

Compare prices

When you really want to save money on flowers, make sure that you take the time to search and compare prices. Now, it is also important to compare the size of each bouquet and the types of flowers used. A small arrangement consisting of flowers that are in season paired with blooms that are not locally available will be the same or higher than that of a larger bouquet consisting only of seasonal flowers. It is also important to note that florists will often have back up plans just in case certain flowers are not available and they might be replaced with other blooms of a similar value and appearance.

Discounted bouquets

Apart from seasonal bouquets, you can also check out the discounted or flower deals section at your online florist. Here, you can save money even on bouquets that do not include seasonal flowers! You might just find the perfect floral gift right here and, rest assured, these bouquets are held to the same quality standards as the florist’s other arrangements.

Value for money

It should also be noted that seasonal bouquets are not only great if you want to save money. They are also excellent if you want bouquets that will last and not start to wilt after just a few days. This means that, at the end of the day, you will enjoy great value for money.

Remember, sometimes your florist will put together some amazing deals that include a bouquet along with something extra for free. When they include some luxury chocolates or a pretty vase, just keep in mind that your gift will now be complete and you will save money by not having to purchase these items separately.