The Beauty of Spring

The first signs of spring can be a relief to anyone. Seeing the back of those cold dark winter mornings and the arrival of all things spring, can put a smile on anyone’s face. Who could fail to be cheered up by a patch of golden daffodils or multi-coloured tulips?


above: The new Spring Easter Bunny bouquet from Prestige Flowers

Whether you’re a lover of the garden or not, spring bulbs are one the easiest things to plant and maintain all year round, as once planted the flowers should bloom and grow every spring with no hassle at all. Making it perfect for beginners, needing only a well-drained soil and some sunshine!

Our top spring flowers has to start with the Daffodil. There bright golden coloured blooms are a sure sign that warmer days are ahead! – Which I’m sure could make it anyone favourite by a mile!

Second has to be Tulips, they are a true sign of spring and all it has to offer. With tulips coming in nearly every colour you can think of their great to brighten up any room or garden.

In third place, Bluebells! They love to fill up the woodlands in the shaded areas under trees, filling the ground with a spread of their blue colour, they look best when planted with lots together in clusters.

Forth has to be Primroses, which name means ‘first rose’ this wildflower is one of the first spring flowers to appear in this season.

In fifth, Hyacinth’s. These are a very strong fragrant bloom and not to everyone’s liking but they have a strong colour and clusters of petals which makes them a great change. Plus they look great planted in little tubs that you could place down your path.

Next we chose Crocus, these look great in anyone’s garden and add splashes of colour when planted in lawns and flower beds.

Last but not least, Pleione. It is a orchid that you can grow either on a windowsill or in a sheltered border outside. It’s very easy to grow and the delightful blooms will come back year after year. This is great as you don’t even have to have a massive garden to be able to grow this.

   Spring Flowers are some of the most well known around and all represent the season as being bright warm and colourful. Everyone should get involved this spring and get planting! Its so easy to do and can brighten everyone’s garden, patio, balcony or even front path!