Summer flowers in wonderful warm colours

When shopping for summer flowers, colours and flower choice are both important. During the warmer months, you want to look for flowers in warm colours like red, yellow, orange and pink. Here are some excellent options for your next summer bouquet.

Roses, mums and tulips

Roses, chrysanthemums and tulips are all popular summer flowers. They are not all in season throughout the summer months but florists often import them when they are not available locally. All of these blooms are available in a wide variety of colours and they all make for an exceptional summer display.


If you are looking for summer flowers that are as impressive in colour as they are in their design, you can’t go wrong with gladiolas. These stems are covered with clusters of flowers and their colours are some of the most intense of all blooms. They are grand in every sense of the word and can be displayed on their own or along with other mass and filler blooms.


Dahlias are rich in colour and texture. These summer flowers have a wonderful full appearance and the shape of their petals make them so abundant in beauty. While you can use them in cut arrangements, they are usually enjoyed as garden flowers. When selecting seeds, make sure that you choose a variety of colours to create a truly diverse landscape in your garden.

Chocolate cosmos

Chocolate cosmos are amazing summer flowers that will add a darker contrast to your sunny bouquet. These blooms get their name from their colour as well as their scent. Most flowers have a sweet smell but these cosmos blooms are truly unique because they smell like chocolate!

Exotic blooms

If you want something out of the ordinary, you could always opt for exotic blooms. They make excellent summer flowers to spruce up your home. Pair them with dark green foliage to create a superb contrast.

Remember, no matter the types of summer flowers you choose for your home, you should still make sure that you provide them with plenty of water, trim the stems every few days and keep them out of the sun and wind. You should also avoid placing your bouquet near any fans or air conditioners.