Christmas rose facts for you

Christmas is a particularly special time of year for many people. It is when families and friends come together to remember the teachings of the Christian scriptures, the importance of celebrating new life, and the importance of giving with love. Christmas today is very different from how it was celebrated one hundred or two hundred years ago. Despite climate change, one thing hasn’t changed: This time of year we still give each other gifts and send each other flowers. Some people choose to send poinsettias and others opt for a bouquet of carnations. Both are available during the winter, but there is no flower hardier than the legendary Christmas rose.

The Three Wise Men

You may already know the story of the three Wise Men who travelled miles in the cold night air to honour the birth of their Lord and Saviour. Their journey following the star to Jesus was long and they were not the only ones who ventured miles to present him with gifts. People came from near and far to see this child with their own eyes and personally present him with a gift. Today, we present one another with gifts and, one popular gift is the Christmas rose.

The Shepherdess Madelon

There is also a legend about a poor shepherdess, Madelon. When the Three Wise Men travelled to meet Christ and present him with their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, they noticed Madelón. Being a poor lady, she could not afford such elaborate gifts as those of the Three Kings. She was desperately looking for flowers to bring to this precious child but, unfortunately, the freezing clutches of winter had taken over and there were no fresh flowers in sight. Despite this, she followed the Three Kings on their journey and, from afar, saw them present their expensive gifts to the child. The angel looked into her heart and, taking pity on her, swept some snow from her feet. As Madelon looked down, she was shocked to see the most beautiful and perfect flowers. He quickly gathered them and hastened to present them to the newborn Jesus. These flowers were, in fact, what we know today as the Christmas Rose.

These roses are wonderful to have in your home during the Christmas season due to their association with Christmas and their unrivalled beauty. The Christmas rose is a symbol of hope and love, making it a fantastic gift for anyone looking to send flowers for Christmas.