Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your girlfriends

Valentine’s Day is commonly associated with love and romance. However, there are also those single people out there who might be feeling a little left out. So, if you and your single girlfriends want to make the most of this occasion, why not make special plans celebrating Valentine’s Day that will leave you all feeling that much better about yourselves?

A night in

In many cases, people think that they have to go out celebrating Valentine’s Day. Yes, you may usually go out to dinner with your partner or spouse but you can also stay in. A cosy night in with your closest friends could be just what you all need. So, line up your favourite films, pop some corn and chill the champagne because this will be a night to remember!

Surprise delivery

If you have a friend who is feeling particularly lonely this Valentine’s Day, you can always cheer them up with a special flower delivery. Make sure that you have the bouquet delivered to the correct address. For example, if it is a working day, you should have them sent to your friend’s office. Alternatively, you can receive the delivery and present them in person if you prefer. It’s also worth considering sending chocolates or a bottle of bubbly along with your flower delivery just to make your gift even more special.

Get out and about

If you are tired of spending time at home, you can always plan a fun girls’ night out. Head for your favourite spot for a few drinks, enjoy dinner together and celebrate in style. Who knows, you may even meet somebody new during your evening adventure!

Weekend away

Sometimes a day is not enough and you need a weekend to really relax and enjoy your time together. A weekend away at a scenic spot or at a spa will certainly make anyone forget about the fact that they are single on Valentine’s Day.

When planning a special day or weekend with your friends, try to plan something that everyone will enjoy. If you all have a favourite restaurant, for example, make a reservation in advance so that you are not disappointed.