Spoiling your Valentine at work

If you, like many, cannot wait until your Valentine comes home to show them some love. All the more reason to spoil them at work! There are a number of ways of doing this. You can choose one or you can combine a few of them to make your Valentine feel super special!

Decorate their desk

This will require a bit of planning and you might need to work together with at least one of your Valentine’s co-workers. You will need to make a plan to gain access to their desk or office so that you can decorate it with romantic messages. You might feel tempted to set gifts on their desk but this is not necessarily a good idea. You never know who might enter their office before they return to work and your gift might not make its way to your Valentine.

Special delivery

From fresh flowers to special romantic gift hampers and even flower and gift combos for Valentine’s Day, the options are plenty! Choose a gift that you know your Valentine will love and make sure that it has a romantic theme. It’s easy to place your flower order online and you can place a gift order in the same way. Many online florists offer a wide variety of gifts that can be included with your flower order. Make sure that you provide the florist with all the necessary details when placing your order. This includes the name of the recipient, the full address, phone number, and the name of the business. This ensures that the gift will reach your Valentine without any unexpected problems.

Out to lunch

Why wait for dinner when you can take your Valentine out for lunch? If your Valentine is usually overwhelmed with work, you could have a quiet word with one of their co-workers and let them know about your surprise plans. Ask them to help you by making sure that everything is under control. Make sure that you have a reservation at a nearby restaurant so that you don’t end up driving too far or waiting for a table. If you are really strapped for time, you can even let the restaurant know what you plan on ordering in advance. This way, they can begin preparing the food as soon as you arrive.

Pick up the phone

If you cannot get away from work to spend some time with your Valentine and you have to wait until that evening, you can always make a call. Let them know that you are thinking of them by making a single, sweet phone call. Follow this with romantic texts and messages to keep them wearing that glowing smile all day long!