Flowers to thank your host

Whether you are traveling to a foreign country or another city within your home country, you might just find that friends and family in that area will be more than willing to be your host for the duration of your stay or even for a few nights if you already have other plans. Either way, as a visitor, it’s always a good idea to show your host some appreciation.

A little goes a long way and the first thing to remember is that you are living with a friend or relative. This means that they are providing you with a roof over your head, meals, a warm bed, hot showers or baths, and more! The one thing you should never expect from your host is for them to clean up after you! In some homes, there is a little “rule” or common courtesy where the cook does not clean. In other words, after spending extended periods of time in the kitchen, the last thing a cook feels like doing is cleaning all the breakfast, lunch, or dinner plates. As a guest, even if you can’t lend a hand in the kitchen, you could at least take over the cleaning duties. Wash the dishes while your host is preparing the food, clear the table once everyone has eaten, and let your host relax while you wash the post-meal dishes too. It really is the least you can do!

Another great way of surprising your host is by taking care of at least one meal while you enjoy your stay. If you know that they will be sleeping late, you can prepare breakfast. Similarly, if they have to work, you can prepare dinner so that they can just sit down to a home cooked meal when they arrive home. If you’re not much of a cook or you don’t want to dig around in your host’s kitchen, you could order in or take your host out for a meal.

Finally, don’t forget to leave a lasting impression! When you say your goodbyes, your host will most likely not want to accept any kind of payment. So, instead of trying to convince them to accept your token of thanks, you can arrange for a flower delivery to arrive the following day. Place your flower order online with your favourite florist and have them make the delivery to your host the next day. That way, they have to accept it since you won’t be around for them to say no! Send flowers that you know they will enjoy. Bright, cheerful colours are great for expressing joy and thanks. Don’t forget to write a personal note as well! It’s your words that will have the greatest effect!