More flowers in spring count – No damage as predicted

The recent weather conditions have not damaged the chances of more spring flowers blooming this year. More spring flowers have been counted across National Trust gardens across Devon and Cornwall.

The count takes place every year on Valentine’s Day and only flowering plants are counted up. It was feared the recent cold weather which has gripped the UK would damage the count this year but thankfully it has not. The increasingly low temperatures came when the buds of the flowers were at their tightest and this gave the flowers more protection from the weather.

Overall around 1,395 flowering plants have been recorded compared to 1,115 in 2010. Despite the increase in flowers it is still yet to hit the high mark set in the spring of 2008.

An additional 22 gardens took place in the count this year with a 17% national increase in the flowers and bulbs in bloom in early spring.

The trust’s garden advisor stated that because the cold snap hit us in early to mid-January it gave the flowers more chance to recover. Mr Wright the advisor said it could be a good year particularly for Rhododendrons.

The annual count has taken place in Devon and Cornwall since 2006.