Send fresh flowers to show your neighbour you care

We are living in rather peculiar times and most of us know at least one person or family who has needed to self-isolate as part of health and safety protocols. Just because your neighbour is stuck at home for the next two weeks does not mean that they should feel all alone. You can still show your support when you send fresh flowers and other gifts to make the time pass a little easier.

Fresh blooms

When you send fresh flowers to your neighbour, make sure that you let the florist know that they are currently self-isolating. The florist can either deliver the blooms to your door or directly to the recipient. If they deliver directly to your neighbour, they can leave it at the front door or gate and phone the recipient to let them know. As for choosing the right blooms, make sure that you select flowers that will brighten their home. You want flowers that will add colour and cheer so that they will feel positive rather than allowing the negative news to get the better of them.

Food delivery

When you send fresh flowers, you could also look into other gift ideas like food hampers and fruit baskets. These kinds of gifts can also be delivered to your door or directly to your neighbour. They are great because comfort food will help them feel more like they are on holiday than stuck at home. They will not need to worry about cooking if you send them hampers with pastries, for example.

Pamper gifts

Another great option is to send fresh flowers that are paired with pamper products. These gifts will encourage your neighbour to make the most of this situation by treating themselves to some much needed rest and relaxation. The can soak in the tub with some sweet-smelling bath bombs. Body lotions after this soak will leave their skin feeling soft and supple. A scented candle will fill the air with a wonderful perfume to make the experience last even longer!

Remember, even if you send fresh flowers and other gifts, the most important gift you can give is your time. Even if you are not able to see one another face to face, you can still chat on the phone and keep your neighbour company. Even if they are not normally very outgoing, being forced to stay home will certainly take a psychological toll. So, be a good neighbour and show them how much you really do care.