Keeping Valentine’s Day blooms a surprise

We all love the idea of keeping our Valentine’s Day blooms and gifts a surprise. However, many people get tripped up over the smallest little mistakes and this takes a lot of the fun out of this romantic day. Here’s how you can ensure that your floral gift will surprise their socks off!

When to order

The first thing to avoid is shopping, browsing or placing your order when your partner or spouse is around. The Valentine’s Day blooms you order will not be a surprise if they catch a glimpse of your screen as you shop. The best thing to do is shop while on your break at work or when you know that your Valentine will not be home.

Erase your history

Clear your browser history and cache once you are done shopping. You do not want your Valentine to stumble upon the florist where you have been shopping. While you’re at it, make sure that you keep your emails secure so that they don’t spot the order confirmation email or any other communications from the florist regarding your Valentine’s Day blooms!

Use a different credit card

If you have an account together, do not use this card to place your order! Use a different card or, if need be, ask a friend or relative if you can use their card instead. You can always reimburse them, of course. The key is to make sure that your partner or spouse does not notice the flower order transaction.

Arranging the delivery

There are a few delivery options when it comes to Valentine’s Day blooms. You can have them delivered directly to your Valentine or you can have them delivered to you instead. If you have them sent to your Valentine, make sure that you select the correct address (work or home). If you want to receive them, you should have them delivered the day before so that you are ready to present them, in person, on the day.

Storing in secret

If you plan on having the Valentine’s Day blooms delivered the day before, you also need to store them in the appropriate place. Make sure that it’s cool but not too cold and keep these flowers away from sources of heat as well as draughty areas, pets and children. When you are ready, you can remove the bouquet from your secret hiding spot and present them to your love!

There you have it! With these essential tips, you too can ensure that your Valentine’s Day blooms will surprise the one you love and they will also look their best when they are delivered.