Southport Flower Show: A look at what this year has to offer!

The Southport Flower Show offers a showcase of flowers, horticulture, gardening and floral arts and has become a more urban experience that now includes food, entertainment and leisure. There will be so much that will both inspire and surprise its visitors. Each day there will be something new going on. There will be experts in The Garden Road show who will answer questions. The show runs from 16th – 19th August this year.

The Southport Flower Show is the largest and most diverse independent flower shows in the UK. Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by over a million blooms and the stunning Grand Floral Marquee will be full of amazing displays from some of the country’s top independent growers. Visitors are sure to be inspired as they are left buzzing with ideas on how to transform their own gardens after seeing amazing show gardens with unique features, exquisite furniture and plants.